Information Security

Many enterprise organizations have a siloed approach to managing security operations and controls. A silo approach to security makes it difficult to determine the value of security initiatives and investments. We work with you to gain a better understanding of the cost of the changing threat environment. This enables rational investments in security controls, defining strategy and implementation plans.

Areas where DirecLogix can help:
Security Governance, Risk, and Compliance:

Protect your reputation, manage risk, and achieve regulatory compliance by replacing disparate governance functions with an integrated set of services.

Operations Security:

Integrate information from various security disciplines. Connect your security processes with your business processes.

Application Security:

Build enterprise security into your applications. Automate detection and response to vulnerabilities, and enable business agility through secure web applications. 50% of the breaches that cause material damage are application breaches. Whether its legacy in-house code or a new cloud service you’ve authorized, our solutions help you detect, prioritize and remediate application security vulnerabilities.

Endpoint Security:

Protect all ofyour endpoint devices and minimize risk inherent in a mobile workforce while centralizing and consolidating management tools to reduce costs. We can provide a myriad of solutions to ensure your exposure is minimized, while giving you tools to manage risk on a proactive basis.

Network Security:

Prevent network intrusions while making applications available, avoid zero-day attacks and automate policy enforcement. Your network provides the structure for your enterprise. Avoid costly outages and potential downtimes by working with experts who properly protect your network.

Data Center and Cloud Security:

Embed security holistically across networking, virtualization, mobility, and cloud in your data center. Building any kind of new IT infrastructure, data center transformation or private cloud requires security from the outset.